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By | November 5, 2016

www.iocletenders.gov.in eProcurement portal Indian oil tenders for petrol pump

Welcome to etender system of Indian oil. All records manage by the Indian oil department. E-Tendering System is a process of procuring the items electronically using internet. It is direct way and easiest way to apply for tender, reduce the indirect cost, give the appropriate details of current open tender in Iocl.

So it’s all about the iocl tender but how to apply for it? and how to registration and what is website?

Here is your answer visit the iocl tenders link:  https://iocletenders.gov.in/

Iocl tender results: https://iocletenders.gov.in/nicgep/app?page=ResultOfTenders&service=page

IOCL EProcurement Portal Help-desk numbers: Please note that eProcurement Portal Helpdesk team can be contact on the phone number – 0120 2428527. Currently available helpdesk phone numbers i.e. 0124 2861244, 0124 2861317 and 0124 2861318 will be discontinued shortly.

Free help iocl tenders Registration (iocletenders.gov.in)?

Registration for e-Tendering is quite easy. Go to Home Page (www.iocletenders.gov.in), click on online Bidder Enrollment link and follow the instruction. After filling up the application form and submission of the same, you will get confirmation of your account creation with us. Now, you need to log in into our system and enroll your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).


 How do I view the drawings related to the tender ?

Drawings are part of the tender documents. After downloading the tender documents, you can refer to the drawings which are divided into parts. These parts can be pasted as guidelines provided in the tender document and view the complete drawing

How do I know that a tender is published ?

All the e-Tenders available in e-Tendering portal. You need to visit our website on regular basis to find a tender. If any limited tender issued against your name and you are already registered in our website with valid DSC, email as well as SMS confirmation will be sent to your registered contact details.

How to submit Earnest Money Deposit EMD ?

EMD, in case applicable, is to be submitted in hard copy to the Tendering Authority or Contact Person. The Bidder is to ensure that EMD of requisite amount and validity reaches the Tendering Authority well before Bid Submission closing time so as to avoid Bid Rejection due to non-receipt of EMD.

Do I have to compulsorily submit my tender through IOCL e-Tendering ?

Yes. For all IOCL e-Tenders which are hosted on IOCL e-Tendering site, the Price Bid and Un-priced Technical Bids have to be submitted online only. However, documents which necessarily have to be submitted in originals like EMD and any other documents mentioned in the tender documents have to be submitted offline in tender box or at IOCL office.

How to download Tender documents ?

Tender documents for all the e-Tenders can be downloaded from the portal using Guest login or using own login. However, for participation in the e-Tenders, Tenderers will have to register with our Portal, which is free of cost. DSC must be enrolled to their account. You can use this registered account from any computer system for downloading Tender documents from our e-Tendering Portal. It is suggested to download any tender document using your account. This will help us to keep you informed of Tender related messages which may be of interest to you.

If you need help while submitting your electronic tender, please contact our web administrators during Business Hours at:

Name: e-Tendering HelpDesk


(1) ethdmkhonic@indianoil.in

(2) etenderinghelpdesk@indianoil.in

Business Hours: Mon – Fri, 09:00 to 17:00 Hrs India Time (IST) (GMT +5:30 Hrs)

Or you can also contact as per the contact details in the Tender Documents.

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